Monday, October 8, 2012

Botox on keloid. Who would have thought?

After I been complaining nonstop about the itchiness, my doctor suggested me to try Botox. Since it known to temporary reduce muscle moment, I thought it makes so much sense to try it on the top part of my keloid. So I did it. He injected multiple shots of Botox directly on my keloid. (This technique is so much different from steroid injection where a needle would only enter the keloid once.) I have to say that makes me nervous. Because multiple jabbings = multiple trauma = keloid growth.

As I expected,  the keloid started to form on the injected area. I'm guessing that we could have prevented this by adding steroid injection immedietly after the Botox. But my doctor refused to do it. Maybe they would counteract each other.

I think the Botox works ok in term of reducing the itch. I felt like I was itch free for about a month. I'm not sure if I wanna do it again. The problems I had with my experience's pricey. And you still have to do steroid injection. I did mine 3 weeks after.


  1. Thiosiamine homopathic and silica patches worn every day reduced mine and stops soreness and itch....from 18 to now 38 they do get better stay positive and keep cilca sheets on....derma blend when out

  2. A keloid will tan darker than the skin around it if presented to sun amid the principal year after it frames. The darker shading may not leave. Keloids Symptoms include: Pigmentation of the skin, Irritation, Pain, Affectability, Redness, etc.

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